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Biggest win ever In The United States

You dream of winning the lottery, hitting that big one. Anyone who has played the lottery has dreamed of their numbers being picked. Thinking of what you could do with all that money, the first thing you would buy, what bills you would pay off, what good things you would do with it. Some people even go so far as to plan out how they manage the money and how they protect their identity if they did win the big one. Dreaming about it is fun, everyone who plays does it.

There have been many winners of the lottery, some small pots and some very large pots. No one wants to dream about winning the little pot but winning is winning. Everyone thinks about winning the big jack pot. Over time there have been numerous multi-million dollar winners and some even reach in to the tens of millions and a select few have hit hundreds of millions. What is the biggest win ever in the US? Well, the largest lottery jack pot recorded in the US is $365,000,000.

The biggest win ever occurred in the rural state of Nebraska. It was shared amongst eight co-workers. The lucky team of eight worked at a meat processing plant in Nebraska and decided to go together in picking numbers. Their number hit the biggest jack pot. That jack pot was part of the Powerball lottery system and was picked on February 18, 2006.

The group decided to take the cash option which paid out $177.3 million. That number breaks down to $22.2 million per person and after taxes is worth $15.5 million each. The team sharing the biggest win ever is made of seven men and one woman. They ranged in ages from 56 to the youngest at 26.

The ticket for biggest win ever was purchased at a local gas station and was one number of a group of 8. The winning number was part of a quick pick and was purchased on the Friday before the Saturday drawing.

At the time of the announcement of the winners, the group had not formulated any major plans for their winnings. Their plans consisted of doing every day things like paying bills and washing their truck. One member of the team of eight even said he would continue working until a replacement could be found for him at the meat processing plant. The governor of Nebraska made a statement saying that is was nice to see a group of hard working people win such a large jack pot. He went on to say that the lottery had done some great things for his state in terms of providing funding for schools and other community projects.

Clearly, being part of the biggest win ever has changed those eight people's lives forever. They have all gone on to do good for their local community. Some of them elected to share their winnings with their families by paying off distant relatives mortgages and setting up college trust funds. If you got the biggest win ever what would you do with all that money?